The Feynman Model: How Your Child Can Become an Outstanding Learner

Today, May 11th, we celebrate the birthday of the great scientist Richard Feynman, one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century.

Feynman was known not just for his groundbreaking discoveries in physics but also for his unique approach to learning and teaching. With his curiosity and passion for understanding complex concepts, he remains an inspiration to students and scientists alike. At IQ UP!, we have incorporated his philosophy into our programs to inspire and educate a new generation of students, innovators, and leaders. Parents, here’s how you can help your child become an outstanding learner by following the Feynman model.

Explain Concepts as If to a Beginner

When Feynman learned something new, he would try to explain it as if he were teaching someone unfamiliar with the subject. At IQ UP!, our teachers use this same approach in our methodology, encouraging children to explain concepts clearly and creatively. In our modern and fun classrooms, every problem is broken down into activities that engage students in the process, enabling them to feel confident in their knowledge.

Break Down Concepts into Simple Parts

Large concepts may seem intimidating initially, but breaking them down into basic elements makes them easier to understand. At IQ UP!, each complex topic is divided into practical modules for easier mastery, so your child can gradually tackle even the most challenging concepts.

Test Your Own Knowledge

After explaining a concept in simpler terms, it’s essential to identify areas that are still unclear or unanswered questions. At IQ UP!, each module ends with interactive activities, discussions, quizzes, puzzles, and challenges to assess understanding and identify areas where your child can improve their knowledge.

Create Your Own Examples

One of the best ways to ensure your child understands the material is to create their own examples and associations. At IQ UP!, children are encouraged to create their own projects and experiments that reflect the concepts learned, developing their creativity and personal expression.

Connect Concepts to Other Ideas

Feynman believed in connecting new concepts to already familiar ideas. In IQ UP! programs, different subjects like mathematics, physics, and technology are combined to create an integrated learning approach, showing children how these naturally complement each other.


The Feynman model provides a practical and effective approach to learning. Using techniques like explanation, breakdown, knowledge testing, example creation, and concept connection, your child can become an outstanding learner in any subject. The IQ UP! programs are designed with this philosophy, providing students with a comprehensive understanding and the ability to apply their knowledge. By using this approach in everyday life, your children will be inspired by Feynman and learn to confidently tackle even the toughest challenges in the world around them.