IQ UP!’s Unique Educational Blend: Merging Hands-On STEM with Creative Coding

Welcome to IQ UP!, where education transcends traditional boundaries through an innovative blend of hands-on STEM activities and creative coding. Our unique educational approach is crafted to inspire the innovators of tomorrow by seamlessly integrating these two domains into a cohesive, interactive learning experience. Let’s delve into the dynamics of a typical class at IQ UP! and explore how we make learning both engaging and effective.

The Power of Storytelling

Each IQ UP! class begins with an interactive story that sets the stage for the day’s learning adventure. Our beloved characters, Bibi, Bobi, and Oliver, guide the students through complex concepts in a simple and entertaining manner. This narrative method not only captures the students’ attention but also helps them relate to the subject matter on a personal level, enhancing their understanding and retention of scientific ideas.

Hands-On Exploration

After the story, we dive into the heart of our program—the hands-on STEM activities. This is where the magic happens. Students get directly involved in exploring the theme of the day through experiments, project building, interactive games, and brain exercises. They tackle a variety of engaging tasks such as constructing real-life circuits, engaging in chemical reactions, building models of bridges or skyscrapers to understand architectural engineering, designing water filtration systems to explore environmental science, and extracting DNA to see biology in action. These activities are designed to develop functional knowledge and critical thinking skills. This experiential learning process allows students to connect theoretical knowledge with practical application, ensuring they can see the real-world relevance of their lessons.

Creative Coding

The culmination of each class is an introduction to the fundamentals of programming. Here, students transform what they’ve learned into digital projects using age-appropriate programming tools. From simulating electrical circuits to modeling the cardiovascular system, these projects reinforce STEM concepts through digital creation. Our coding activities are not only about understanding software or mastering syntax; they are about thinking logically, solving problems, and expressing creativity.

Integrating Programming with STEM

Our innovative approach melds programming with mathematics, science, and technology, providing students with the opportunity to visualize abstract concepts in a fun format. By programming to recreate processes or themes learned during the class, students utilize logic, planning, and testing. This method enhances their ability to apply learned concepts in real-life scenarios, tackling challenges with confidence and creativity.

The Joy of Learning

Imagine the sense of achievement students feel when they, for instance, build a physical electrical circuit in one part of the class and then animate it digitally in the next. Or when they create a working model of a pumping heart and then replicate its functions in a digital environment. These experiences not only boost their confidence but also motivate them to experiment, explore, and create without fear of making mistakes.

The Fun in Functional Learning

Programming and creating digital projects at IQ UP! are inherently enjoyable activities. They allow students to socialize, collaborate, and have fun. In a world where children are naturally drawn to technology, we harness this attraction to make learning more engaging. By turning screen time into an educational tool, we transform students from passive consumers of digital content into active creators.


At IQ UP!, we are passionate about equipping our students with the skills they need to thrive in a digital age. By integrating hands-on STEM activities with creative coding, we offer an educational experience that is not only comprehensive and challenging but also incredibly enjoyable. Join us as we continue to innovate in education, preparing our students to meet the future with curiosity, creativity, and confidence.