Inspiring Children to Reach for the Stars

IQ UP! methodology is a revolutionary way of teaching students since it incorporates the most up-to-date and proven methods for educating children. Using an innovative approach to learning encourages young people to think critically and develop problem-solving skills while using their creativity. Our goal is to prepare children for the challenges they may face in their academic careers as well as in their adult life. Consequently, IQ UP! helps kids discover and nurture their passion while providing them with improved cognitive abilities resulting in higher IQ scores.


IQ UP! provides an exciting opportunity for children to gain creative and innovative insight into the magical world of science and technology. By facilitating STEM education, kids will be able to understand their surroundings in novel ways and learn new skills that foster growth and intellectual development. From a young age, IQ UP! encourages exploration and discovery, bolstering critical thinking skills while cultivating our future scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians. As modern society increasingly demands these educated individuals, IQ UP! education allows children to develop a strong foundation in analyzing the world around them through science and tech-driven activities.
IQ UP! education provides a stimulating learning environment to children that is focused on developing their academic knowledge through STEM education and project-based learning. Our approach facilitates experiments and encourages students to ask questions, select appropriate research methods, analyze data, solve problems, and think creatively in order to develop intellectual skills such as logical thinking, creativity and analytical thinking. Through this process, children learn to understand teaching topics and concepts better in order to increase their IQ. This education will equip them with skills essential for success in the 21st century.


IQ Up! schools are learning labs that create experiences like no other school. These innovative classrooms have adopted a new learning paradigm where learning is an adventure and exploration. With engaging activities that not only challenge the student’s cognitive abilities but also allow them to develop their teamwork skills, self-confidence and understanding of their environment, the IQ Up! training model helps create young individuals who can face the world with creativity and optimism. Through real projects, experimentation and interactive games, learning can become fun and meaningful while they keep acquiring essential knowledge.